Marina di Sorso beach


Marina di Sorso beach is one of the most popular  corner of the North-West cost of Sardina. This long-stretching beach famous for its shallow waters and limpid waters, neighbours on that of Platamona, and is made up of fine white grains of sand. It is also very popular because it is very easy to get to, through one of the numerous entrances that lead to the main road and also for the fact that it offers plenty of facilities: first of all a large car park, a number of refreshment points such as bars and restaurants, places where one can hire “patino” boats with which to explore this stretch of coast.

Marina di Sorso is found in the place with the same name, in the comune of Sorso. It can be reached along the Provincial Road 81 from Platamona to Castelsardo

On windy days the beach is the ideal destination for surfing and wind-surfing enthusiasts, while the seabed is an irresistible invitation for scuba-divers.

Marina di Sorso beach is bordered by several sand dunes where junipers, thistles, dwarf palm and sea lilies grow. The pine forest that rises behind the dunes shades and protects the cultivated areas, especially the vineyards which produce highly prized wines.

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