10 things to do in North Sardinia (adventure lovers)

If you are planning to travel to Sardinia you have surely made researches on internet about things to do in North Sardinia especially the “best beaches” and the “top sightseeings”. You probably know everything about “nuraghi”, and you are pretty well-informed on the beauty of Porto Cervo and Costa Smeralda. Well, almost every touristic website on Sardinia inform you on this. We are not pretending that famous sites as Costa Smeralda and La Maddalena are ugly places. Definitely not. Yet we are saying that in north Sardinia there is much more to see, and that there are sites much less expensive and crowded.

BLuLatte holiday house is located in Anglona region (just close to the famous Gallura region): from there it’s possible to undertake day trips and excursions aimed at discovering the north of Sardinia.
Here a top list of things to do in North Sardinia for LOVERS OF ADVENTURE & SPORT, being based in Blulatte. It’s a top list of thing to do in North Sardinia both in LOW SEASON and summer.
  1. horse-riding on the Mountains or by the Coghinas’river, or by the seaside.
  2. canoeing or kayaking down the Casteldoria Thermal Baths to the Coghinas’s delta
  3. diving in Costa Paradiso or Isola rossa
  4. trekking on Monte Limbara
  5. climbing on Monte Ruju
  6. visiting Capo Caccia and Neptun’s Caves
  7. kite-surfing on Coghinas’ delta (when the mistral blows)
  8. canoeing on Coghinas’ Lake
  9. parashouting from Monte Ossoni
  10. bike-riding from BluLatte down to Costa Paradiso (or some other itinerary in Gallura)

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